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During this COVID-19 quarantine period, due to both physical and social distancing reasons, our factory did not receive guests. Therefore, temporarily we closed the factory tour program. We will announce the re-opening if the situation and conditions are back to normal. Thank you.

PT Campina Ice Cream Industry Tbk opens the opportunity for all the general public both students, students, communities and professionals to visit the factory and see the process of making ice cream Campina that applies the concept of go green in the city of Surabaya, precisely on Jalan Rungkut Industry II No. 15-17

For registration of our ice cream factory visit can be done via the website (there will be confirmation via telephone, so do not forget to include complete personal data in e-mail), and directly via telephone. Please be advised if the factory visit registrants must wait (queued), because there are so many program enthusiasts. So our team will schedule the time for the factory visit. Interested people are not only from the city of Surabaya and its surroundings, but also from other cities and provinces in Indonesia. For registration, you can register
below this:

Phone: 031-8432247 / 031-8432673

Fax: 031-8470265

Email: public.affair@campina.co.id

Campina Factory


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