Customer Service


Delivery Service

Can I have Campina ice cream home delivered?
Yes, sure. Through the Campina Delivery service (phone: 08071007576, Whatsapp: 0811229300, website:, email: our ice cream is guaranteed up to the home/office address in it’s fresh (frozen) condition. Delivered by the Campina Delivery team, which has experienced since 2006 serving Campina ice cream consumers.
Any payment can be done?
Payment can be through a transfer to a virtual bank account (BCA, Bank Mandiri, BNI, and several other leading banks), credit cards (VISA and MASTER Cards), GO-PAY, and cash payments at Indomaret Payment Points cashiers.
Can Campina Delivery serve special orders for parties?
Yes, sure. For ice cream orders over IDR800,000, – we will lend a freezer to maintain the quality of the ice cream. A freezer guarantee fee of Rp.50,000 is charged, – plus a stamp duty of Rp6,000. – A freezer will be delivered and taken according to the agreement (maximum 2×24 hours, or with a special agreement if the loan period is more than 2 days).
Can Campina Delivery reach any area? Or is it only the Jabodetabek area?
Campina Delivery 08071007576 can reach all major cities in Java (and through confirmation for shipments outside of Java). You can order our ice cream to be sent to the address that is outside the city of the customer.
Does Campina Delivery serve cash on delivery?
We serve cash payments on the spot (cash on delivery) specifically for bookings via call centers 0807 100 7576 (telephone) only. For bookings via the website can not be cash on the spot.
Can you order via time/time of Campina Delivery how much ice cream will you get home?
We are sorry, at this time we cannot confirm the ice cream ordered until the desired time. In the Jabodetabek area, we have 2 time zones, the morning zone (11.00 till 13.00 WIB) and the afternoon zone (13.00 till 17.00 WIB). Outside the Jabodetabek area, it can be directly confirmed via the nearest representative office or can go through 08071007576 (call canter) to be able to help us continue to the nearest Campina representative office.
Can Campina Delivery serve ice cream orders on the same day?
Yes, we can. You can get your order delivered the same day via the GO-SEND by GO-JEK Indonesia service, by selecting the shipping option on the order confirmation page on the e-commerce website


How do i start a business with Campina Ice Cream?
You can contact Campina customer service via phone/WhatsApp 0811229300 or e-mail to by sending complete data (name-phone number-complete address) or also by opening the PARTNER page on this website.
I have a cafe-restaurant, and I want to add to the ice cream menu by collaborating with Campina Ice Cream. Since I already have my own freezer, I just want to be supplied with ice cream, without the freezer. Can you provide only the ice cream?
Yes, sure we can. You must be our customer first. Thus, in addition to getting product stock priority, you also get special customer discounts. Please contact our customer care via phone/WhatsApp 0811229300, or e-mail to by sending complete data (name-phone number-complete address) or also opening PARTNER page on this website.
What do I get if I open a Campina Counter business? Do I get training for my salespeople?
Of course, you will get training sessions for salespeople (SPBs-SPGs), among others about good ways of scooping ice cream, how to present the menu, and so on. Furthermore, you can send e-mails containing complete data to or phone/WhatsApp to 0811229300.

Ins and Out of Campina Ice Cream

What is Campina ice cream made of?
Campina ice cream is made from skim milk (cow’s milk that has been removed most of its fat), sugar, vegetable oil, emulsifiers, natural ingredients (chocolate, durian, green beans, black sticky rice, coconut kopyor, etc.), flavorings and colorings food permitted by the Food and Drug Administration (BPOM).
Are all Campina products halal?
All Campina ice cream products get halal certificates from the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and are always renewed every year.
What Campina products sell best?
Campina’s best-selling ice cream product is Hula Hula Kacang Hijau (mung bean). Mung bean flavored stick ice cream with chocolate coating, ice cream with authentic Indonesian flavor.
Campina offices in which cities?
Campina representative offices already exist in big cities in Java and outside Java. More details can be seen on the REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE on the PARTNER page.