Vision, Mission & Value


Highly sensitive to constantly market-oriented and customer-oriented, optimising all resources and assets of the company to deliver more value as a form of accountability to shareholders and to conduct business with respect to the environment and surrounding communities.


Make the Company, one of the best and biggest producers of ice cream and frozen food in Indonesia by always prioritizing to the satisfaction of our customers, shareholders and employees, and upholding the principles of environmentally friendly business.


Satisfaction in Working

Always acting with positive thinking and a sincere heart. Friendly, polite with a smile in dealing with all companions.


Actively strive for perfection

Work with enthusiasm, honesty and discipline in all situations, to achieve the best results.


Love the environment & resources

Care & responsibility for the continuity of the company, always saving in using resources.


Adaptability and Youthfulness

Always make an improvement creatively and quickly, to adjust to the latest developments.


Maintain respect among others 

Mutual respect in diversity and working together well in every activity.